Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Update on Us! (Plus Anniversary Photos!)

While I procrastinate on writing up our 2013-2014 curriculum choices (prepare yourself - it's going to be long!), I thought I'd post a quick update on our family!

So... how are things around here?

Absolutely crazy!

But I've been saying that since our first baby was conceived in May of 2005, so perhaps it's time I just adjusted to the craziness and moved on. My new motto: "Crazy as a way of life."

And now, for some updates!

* We are now almost five weeks into the 2013-2014 school year! Wow, it's flown by! I am really enjoying our work-during-summer school year schedule, and I hope to continue that. It really keeps us from having nothing to do during the summer, and our vacation times will hopefully be taken during the cooler months of spring and fall (and at Christmas!).

I'm looking forward to posting our curriculum choices for this year - hopefully I'll have that posted soon!

It's not really lesson time unless we have our nerf guns with us. 

* One experience that we have (happily) not had to deal with in our ten years of marriage is the experience of losing a pet. However, that experience is - unless we miss our guess - thundering toward us at a rapid pace, and I'm not looking forward to it - especially if it includes the decision of whether or not to put an ailing pet down. Please pray for our family!

* We finally got out to celebrate our anniversary with our new tradition of anniversary milkshakes! Hurray! We had a great time and also learned two important lessons: (1) The kids need to have a proper dinner BEFORE we let them fill up on junk food if we don't want to end up with sick kids, and (2) Kids don't need their own milkshakes individually - especially very expensive milkshakes! Next time they're sharing!

Joe's Farm Grill - one of our favorite places to visit. 

Feeding the babies!

Gleefully claiming everyone's cherries for himself (which was convenient, as no one else wanted them!). 
* I'm starting to suspect that there may be a plot abroad - by certain unnamed family members - to drive me insane by constant mess-making. I won't publish the details here, because (1) I don't want anyone gagging at the computer, and (2) this is the internet, after all, but let's just say... I'm really getting into the down and dirty of mess clean-up. *Gag*. Be thankful, everyone, that you're not around here right now if you're squeamish about messes!

Believe it or not, this one is NOT one of the primary mess-making culprits right now. He's still in the minor leagues comparatively. 
* And one final note... I am giving serious consideration to changing the name of this blog! Wouldn't that be fun?

I originally chose "The Whining Puker" because (1) it was funny (at least I thought so!), and (2) I love British pub-type names ("The Duck and Dragon," "The Running Dog," etc.). At the beginning, this was purely a hyperemesis blog - a place for me to process my experience with HG and to compile and make public all of the research that I was doing in the area of HG treatment and prevention. While HG is still a big part of this blog, it is no longer the main focus. Nowadays, this blog covers everything - our family life, Christian living, home education, health issues - you name it! I am thus considering changing the blog name to make it more personal rather than issue-based.

I already have a new name in mind, but I want to keep it in thought and prayer for quite a while before taking the dive - it's a big step!

And now, everyone... I am off to do all that I should be doing right now! (Namely, chores and housework - as always!)

Have a wonderful night, everyone!

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