Monday, July 22, 2013

A Fun and Easy Craft for the Summer!

This week's homeschool craft comes to our family courtesy of Jennifer over at Beauty from Ashes... Pool Noodle Painting!

The process is oh-so-simply - just slice up a pool noodle, then use scissors or a sharp knife to make shapes, dip in paint, and have fun!

As usual, the "I hate crafts" boy had to be gently "persuaded" into doing this craft (i.e. "Sit down and do this craft before I hang you up by your fingernails, child!"), but he ended up having fun - and so did I! (I enjoy our art projects much more than he does!)

Here are some of the results....

The wonderful mess we made!

The 7yo's productions:

And mine!

Thanks for the idea, Jennifer!


  1. Oh! Yours turned out so much cuter than mine--I LOVE them! I am inspired to try again. Kaylin is coming over tomorrow for a playdate while Hannah and I go to a church function. Maybe I'll let Todd try it with both 2 year olds...bwahahahahaha!

  2. Oh, Jen! That's evil!! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    No, seriously, that's a great idea! Especially since someone else gets to clean up! :)

    And get this - after it was all cleared up, C. asked if we could do it AGAIN. This is the force-him-at-gunpoint-to-do-crafts boy. Seriously?? Too bad I threw the noodle pieces away!! But they were easy to make, so we may be doing it again!

    Now you just need to post more cute crafts so I can be a craft-leech! Heh heh heh. :)

    Miss you!!


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