Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Nights!

This past year or so, I have been on a quest - a quest to find contentment in the desert! It's been so much fun.

You see, I simply don't do desert heat well. Or the constant sun. I'm a coolness-clouds-wind-rain kind o' woman. But God has placed me here, and I'm on a mission to quell the complaining spirit and rejoice in the blessings of being placed in the Phoenix valley.

I've already written about some blessings of living in the desert. And now, as the heat moves up-up-up, I am focusing on the blessings and fun of a Phoenix summer! (Bet you didn't know there was anything fun about a Phoenix summer!)

One of the best parts of living in the desert during the summer is the blessing of summer evenings. After the sun goes down and the heat breaks (it even sometimes drops below 100F!), it can be lovely outside - especially when one adds water play into the mix!

As part of the 20 minutes a day challenge, we are doing our best to get outside every day - and of course, in summer, that means post-sundown pre-darkness times. We're really enjoying our times in the summer evenings.

What are we doing?

Playing - Just running around and having fun, complete with lots of dirt, gun battles and sword fights!

That's right, holding a toddler in one arm and battling valiantly with the other! Motherhood is multitasking! 

Water play! - Sprinklers, hoses, buckets and cups - you name it.

Yard work! - We're usually a bit delinquent on keeping up with the yard work, but being outside in the evenings reminds me of what needs to be done, which is wonderful! This evening I scrubbed down a mattress, swept the patio, and hung our new hummingbird feeder. Hurray for evening productivity!

Yes, folks, it's time to get crepuscular. Enjoy your summer evenings!

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