Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Health & Safety Curriculum!

One of my many-many-many projects for this summer was to write a health & safety curriculum to use for our home education plans next year.

I know that there is a lot missing out of this curriculum (feel free to add, folks!), but this is a basic outline of safety skills that I want to impart to our children. 

Feel free to borrow!

(You will notice that outdoor skills are geared toward the Southwest... every area will have its own animal and/or hazard list.) 


Safety & Life-Skills Curriculum

1. Personal Information

- Full name

- Phone number

- Daddy’s cell phone number

- Address

- Parents’ names

- Birthdate

2. Personal Safety

- If lost… look for a woman.

- If lost in a wilderness area… sit down and wait for us to find you.

- If someone says “Don’t tell this to your mommy or daddy,” immediately go tell your mommy or daddy.

- If someone ever tries to touch your underwear area, or to touch you in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable… immediately go tell mommy or daddy or a trusted adult.

- If someone you don’t know comes up to you and asks for directions… leave right away and find mommy or daddy or a trusted adult.

- Never get in a car with someone you do not know. Run away and scream if they try to make you get in a car or go with them, and go right to mommy or daddy or a trusted adult.

- If you are walking and a car pulls up next to you, turn around and go the other direction – and go right to mommy or daddy or a trusted adult.

- If an adult asks you for help (to find a lost pet, etc.), leave right away and go to mommy or daddy or a trusted adult.

- If you ever feel uncomfortable, leave and find mommy or daddy or a trusted adult.

- How to call 911 – mechanics of dialing, what information to have ready.

- Always tell mommy or daddy where you are going.

- Answer the front door only if it is someone you know, or if mommy or daddy says that it’s okay.

3. Practical & Household Safety

- House fire – How to get out of the house; don’t hide in the house.

- Fire – Stop, drop, roll

- Earthquake – Duck and cover

- How to use a fire extinguisher

- How to turn off the gas main

- How to turn off the water main

- How to turn off electricity to the house

- How to turn off the water to a toilet

- How to change a tire

4. Outdoor Safety

How to deal with…

- Snakes

- Scorpions

- Cactus

- Spider

- Streams and stream beds

- Lightning


What would you add, readers?

* Later note: See reader additions below!


  1. Perhaps monsoons? The sudden dust and wind and rain can be scary and the dust is bad to breath so they should come right in?

    One thing I read was to tell kids to "find another mommy" if they need help. I know no method is foolproof, but if a woman has her own kids with her, she *probably* is safe.

    Don't hide from firemen (and other emergency personnel) in a rescue-type emergency. Don't be afraid of them either in all their gear.

    Car accident safety?

    Even if an adult tells you "your mommy and daddy told me to come get you..." or "mommy and daddy said this was ok" or other caveats a sneaky adult might say.

    What about identifying store employees by their uniforms or name tags?

    Just some thoughts that came to mind.

  2. Jen - Thanks for the great additional ideas! I have added them to my list. :)



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