Thursday, May 9, 2013

An HG Blog to Follow!

Several weeks ago, I met a new HG blogger, Wendy, and I planned to introduce you to her after my blogging break. At the time, she was suffering from severe HG and was on bed rest with multiple complications (Mallory-Weiss tears and a twin who didn't make it, among others) and family medical issues going on at the same time.

Since then, tragically, she has experienced the loss of her baby at 20 weeks, and is currently recovering from going through a stillbirth. We are grieving with her family.

I'd love to encourage you to check out the blog of this amazing family. They have seven children, run a farm in Virginia, and educate their children at home. Having read this blog for about a month, I have already run across lots and lots of shared interests and beliefs, and I am enjoying getting to know her. I think you will too!

Contentment Acres

Also, feel free to drop in just to leave some encouraging words to a mama who is grieving the loss of two babies after suffering severe HG for months on end. She is truly a warrior mama.

Especially take note of her latest post, which is absolutely amazing. She ends:
"All through this, I have felt the Lord asking me: "Do you still love Me? Will you still follow Me?"
"And my answer is a weary "Yes, Lord. You are my Father. No one loves me like You do. You have fearfully and wonderfully knit me together. I am so precious to You that You know the number of hairs on my head. You know every detail about me and nothing in my life escapes Your notice. You gave Your own Son for me. Knowing the depth of Your love, I know that all of this heartbreak and pain has served a purpose that will bring glory to Your Name. I am broken, bruised, battle weary, and begging You for a break, but I am still a willing vessel for Your work in my life'."
Spiritual maturity like this blows me away. May I some day attain fully to that level of awareness, gratitude, and trust.

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