Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Personal Notes & A Waterbirth Video!

Thought I'd post this sweet waterbirth video that I loved!! As I think I've mentioned before, if we are blessed with another baby we are hoping to have a waterbirth. Our midwife is very experienced with waterbirth and does a ton of them, so unless there are complications, we've got a really good chance. Our friend's sister just had a waterbirth yesterday with one of our midwives - very exciting! Congratulations J.!

This has been a crazy week. A baby shower, baking cookies for said shower, playing at church, music rehearsal, church's semi-annual meeting, potluck, dinner guests, going-away party for some friends (we miss you guys already!), babysitting for said friends while they packed, volunteering, playgroup, errands - you name it, we've done it! I'm finally done with the busiest part and am looking forward to some down time!

I am once again not pregnant, and am sincerely thankful for that fact. Whenever I find out that I am not pregnant, I feel a twinge of disappointment followed by overwhelming waves of relief and gratitude. Apparently I am not ready for this experience yet! When I was pregnant and telling people that I was NEVER going to do this again, I always got variations of the same response - "Oh, wait till after you've had the baby. You won't be able to wait to do it again!" Well, I am somewhat gratified to note that I was right - I am NOT eager to do it again - although they were partially right, as I am kinda-sorta-maybe willing to at least try again. Well, we've got at least another month! I seem to be working my way up to a nice little luteal phase defect, so my fertility issues may be out of my control for now anyway!

It's probably also good that I am not pregnant because..... we may have a house!!! Yes, we have something like a provisional acceptance on a short sale - we won't have the definite paperwork for a couple of weeks, but it's at least tentative. Hurray!!

Well, I've let the Bug take advantage of my being distracted for long enough! Back to actual parenting!!

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