Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Research: Tandem Nursing

Well, it's been a few days since I started this Blog, but I am determined to make an entry at least every couple of days. I want to share all the information I have (even though it isn't much) in case it might be of help to someone.

Since I'm short on time, I'm going to post something quick today - something I read in an edition of Midwifery Today that I found intriguing. Whether or not it would be of help to more than a select few is really anyone's guess. Here it is:

"I would like to comment on 'Breastfeeding During Pregnancy,' by Hilary Flower. Great article! As a midwife, I encourage tandem nursing if that is what a mother wishes to do. The one point of interest that I didn't see mentioned is the benefit nursing has on morning sickness. It seems to keep it at bay. I had one mother ask me about it when she was pregnant with her third baby. She suffered from hyperemesis with each pregnancy, then discovered as long as she nursed while pregnant she didn't get so ill. This was almost a case where I questioned continuing to nurse, since this mother was thin to start with. However, she was able to maintain her weight better if she nursed, because she could keep food down. In other pregnancies she would lose weight to the point where she would have an anorexic appearance, but always birth healthy 8-9 lb babies."

- Lizzie Sensenig, traditional midwife, letter to the editor, Midwifery Today, Summer 2004, p. 64

Well, there it is! Since I have a nursing toddler who shows NO signs of weaning any time soon (and I have no plans to wean him), I am DEFINITELY planning on trying this technique. When and if I do, I'll post as to how effective it was.


  1. I'm new to your blog...found you on writeaboutbirth today. (Starting from the beginning) I'm going to read on to see if tandem nursing had any effect on HG for you. Seems like if worked for at least one mom. :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for reading! Unfortunately, nursing while pregnant did not help me - in fact, it rather made it worse, and resulted in my weaning our toddler - however, I know it was helpful for the mother mentioned! I have learned that NVP solutions are highly individual, so I try to bring forward each and every help for it so that mothers can try and find what works for them. :)


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