Friday, February 15, 2008


Hello, all you out there in cyber land! This is my first experience blogging, so I am new to this whole arena. I am also the mother of an EXTREMELY active little toddler, so development of this site may (1) be extremely slow, or (2) never happen at all. We'll see!

I got pregnancy in October of 2005 with our now 20-month old son. Everything was happy and healthy until I began, at 6 weeks, the rapid downward slide into the abyss known as hyperemesis gravidarum, the extreme form of morning sickness. We had never heard of the condition, and were just as confused as we were helpless. I quickly degenerated into spending literally all of my time either sleeping or leaning over the toilet throwing up, although the throwing up stopped fairly soon because (as I couldn't tolerate food by mouth) there was nothing left to throw up! I lost ten pounds the first week and pretty much stayed in bed for the first two trimesters. Thankfully, the advice of our wonderful midwife Wendi (that is, to knock off foods and try liquid nutrition drinks) kept us out of the hospital (which was good, as we had no maternity insurance), but I can honestly say that the first part of my pregnancy with Caleb was the most horrific experience of my entire life.

(And, lest I dramatize myself too much, I should say that I know NOTHING of the horrors that some women with HG experience. I was, unlike some, able to continue taking liquid by mouth. I did not have to be hospitalized. I did not have to do IV nutrition. I did get some relief from the nausea by the end of the second trimester. I cannot even imagine what women with the severest forms go through, and I take my hat off to them.)

Well, fast forward two years.... We are thinking of wanting another child, and as we do not want an open adoption (which seems to be all the rage) and do not have the funds for adoption anyway, we are considering trying to conceive in the next year or so. I am overjoyed at the thought of a new baby, but close behind that feeling is one of unalloyed terror. I am so afraid of having HG again. However, I have been starting to do my homework. I have consulted a naturopathic physician and an OB (for nausea meds) and am doing loads of research on the condition (which I hope to post here, eventually). I have also been really watching my diet and taking milk thistle (a liver cleanser, recommended by Shonda Parker, The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy). The more research I do the more in control I feel. I have also been praying for wisdom, peace and faith. I have been having a lot of trouble trusting the Lord in this area.

This Blog was inspired by some friends of ours who, having dealt with infertility for several years, are now pursuing embryo adoption. Check out their amazing blog here:

I am hoping that this Blog will serve as a sounding board for my thoughts and also as an archive for the information I am picking up along the way so that other HG mums can glean off of it. As I said before, it'll take a while. But I'll do my best!

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  1. Your blog is awesome and I'm so glad I found it. I had HG during my first pregnancy and I remember crying and screaming one night because I just couldn't imagine another day of 20+ hurls. Now I have a wonderful little girl and am thinking about getting pregnant again. I'm scared of the HG returning. I took Zofran the first time around and would likely use it again if the HG comes back. Thanks for your blog!


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