Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hello, Everyone!

Hi, folks!

I'm sorry I've been so silent! Usually when I'm this quiet for this long, it's because I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to hide a first-trimester and am blinking out at the world through a tidal wave of nausea and exhaustion.

This time - nope. No new baby. (Yet.) Just life, in the extreme.

The baby has learned to walk. (Someone new to chase.) The four-year-old is being challenging. (And napping less. What a grand combination.) My husband has a new job that is taking him out of the house an extra 90 minutes per day. I am trying to learn a new way of eating (hello, THM!).

Besides that, the usual diapers and laundry and cleaning and feeding people and teaching-training-disciplining and shopping and homeschooling.

Yeah. Life.

Right now I'm falling into bed at around 9:00 p.m. in a dead stupor of exhaustion, and waking up (too soon) to do it over again.

Blogging just hasn't gotten the time I'd like it to have. Or rather, any time at all.

I have so much to say. And so little (i.e. NO) time to say it.

Lately I've also been wishing that I could simply blog more often in shorter posts. I tend toward writing long, intricate posts that require me to sit on them for a month or two while combing them endlessly for editing and rewriting. Not that editing is a bad thing, but I'd love to be able to share shorter thoughts a bit more often - especially if that would allow me to blog at all, which I'm certainly not managing at the moment.

But in the meantime, life is keeping me crazy-crazy-busy.

How are you all doing? Leave a comment and fill me in on your life! I miss you all!


  1. I wish I was smart enough to fall into bed at 9. My days would be much easier. ;) Right now I'm about as busy as you, but minus the thm, which I took one look at and curled up into a helpless ball and cried. Scary. I miss blogging, too, but not enough to start back.

    1. Yes, that was my first reaction to THM too!! It's not an easy-to-start. However, I can say that after two months of reading and trying, the mindset is now automatic. I love it!! I'm hoping to write a couple of posts on it sometime soon. (Soon, as in 2027 or thereabouts.) :)

  2. It's good to hear from you. I'm keeping the same schedule you are--up and running then collapsing exhausted by 9 pm. I stayed up until 10 the other night to watch a movie with my oldest, and it just about knocked me dead. Both babies are walking and climbing at our house. :) We're preparing a sweet 16 party for my oldest, and all of the kids in the middle are growing. Almost 7 months into our new life, and I can almost honestly say--What a wonderful life!

    1. Ha, ha! I stayed up till 10 pm the other night and it killed me!! You are so right. This life is not made for late night activities. Right now I am just so tired. How you do it with three times the children blows my mind! :) Please pass on a big happy birthday to your sweet eldest! I'm so glad that all is well with you guys. You are amazing. :)

  3. Isn't it amazing how busy just everyday life can be?
    Things are pretty much the same here. Mason had one surgery and has a cast for another 4.5 weeks. Next Monday he has eye surgery on both eyes. He's got Physical therapy each week again.
    Homeschool moves along just fine with the 5 oldest kids in a pretty good routine.
    Baby Tobias is almost 4 months old and a sweetheart. He's a pretty great sleeper and loves watching everything going on around him.
    The only crazy being added is that 5 of the kids start swim lessons twice a week this week. Of the 9 kids only my oldest knows how to swim. The 11 and 10 year old did lessons once before and just didn't get it. So now we're committed to doing swim lessons until they get it. The 8, 7(this week!), and 5 year old are also doing swim lessons. It will be their first time. I cringe at the thought...I'm terrified of drowning and watching my kids in their lessons just horrifies me. But it must be done.(Yes, I can swim. And don't actually mind it so long as I'm not pregnant - when I'm pregnant I can't float at all
    Well, it looks like the 2 year old has a fever this morning. Off to snuggle him! Hope you have a good week and find some quiet moments.

    1. Tristan, I hope that your little one is feeling better and that the bug didn't spread!! We'll be praying for a successful surgery for Mason tomorrow.

      I'm so glad to hear updates from your family! Good luck with those swim lessons! We need to do the same thing. Out of four children, NONE can swim, though our 3rd (the 4yo) is well on his way. The 9yo is looking like he'll be swimming sometime in the next two decades or so (petrified of it), so he could definitely use some encouragement. I'm hoping to utilize some city classes this spring/summer. I wasn't too impressed with them the one time we tried them before, but they are super-cheap while private is super-pricey, so we'll give it a go.

      Love to the whole family!!


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