Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tidbits and Snippets for June 30th

Do You Really Believe It Will All Burn Someday? - "We spend too much of our time on this earth and short life on the stuff that's going to burn and not enough time and thought on things eternal." (Always Learning)

The Definitive Guide to Napping - We Americans can spend hours on the computer or TV without batting an eye, but napping has a definite social stigma. I nap every day, but have never been able to shed the American guilt-trip over it. This is a great post on the science of napping, and why it's GOOD for us! (Mark's Daily Apple)

"In most Western nations, napping is a sign of weakness. Those who do it — or, even worse, need it — are slothful wastes of resources who can’t hack it in the “real world.” They lack grit, determination, and stick-to-itiveness. They’re getting old. Why nap when you can put in more hours, be more productive, make (your employer) more money? ... 
"That’s a real mistake, because not only do humans have a long and storied tradition of snoozing in the middle of the day, there are also huge benefits to naps. Far from being anti-productivity wastes of time, a well-timed nap can boost cognitive function, improve work output, and make you healthier, happier, and a better employee (and person)."

What's at Stake? The Gospel Is at Stake - What's really going on when the issue of Adam's historicity is brought into question? Important stuff, and something I've lived personally (that is, running the gamut of beliefs on Adam and Genesis 1-3). (Challies.com)
"The teaching of God’s Word is at stake here. God’s character is at stake. The gospel of Jesus Christ is at stake. Accepting an Adam with evolutionary origins immediately impacts what it means to be human, created by God in His image. It opens a Pandora’s box of theological problems—from Adam’s relationship with his animal parents and surrounding community, to the doctrine of sin and the fall, to God’s holiness, goodness, and justice. It immediately impacts the doctrine of Christ as the One by whom all things were created, as well as His incarnation and work of salvation. It’s an issue that touches so many others: from soteriology to race relations to sexual ethics to the new creation at the second coming." 

I'm Not One to Say "I Told You So" - The best article I've seen by far on the topic of Friday's Supreme Court Decision. (Get Along Home)

* I have actually, dear readers, departed from my usual stay-away-from-controversial-topics habit and penned my own post on the subject of the Supreme Court decision. But since posting when I'm upset is always, always a bad idea, y'all will have to wait a few weeks or months while the article matures and I pare away at the overly emotional bits. In the meantime, make sure you also catch Auntie Leila's post with all of the pertinent links (I'm still working through them).

“When the weight of current events feels crushing, remember one thing that shouldn’t surprise you: The antidote to what is huge, overpowering, and violent is that which is small, meek, and humble. In this case, the remedy is found in the heart of your home. Your own prayer, the prayer of your family, the life you live in union with the Church — will save the world.”

- Auntie Leila, “Like Mother, Like Daughter,” June 2015

Have a wonderful week, dear readers!



  1. I wanted to share this article with you, have you seen it before?

    I tried emailing you, but I think I lost your email address... :(

    It seems I can't copy and paste either, ugh! Email me! Xx :)

    1. Hi, Cathy Rose! You and I always have such a hard time connecting on this blog page! Must be some glitch. I will email you. :)

  2. Diana,
    What a wonderful and thought-provoking post! I especially love the quote at the end...it sums up my feelings (on humility and prayer) exactly! God bless you and your dear family :)

    1. Thank you Jacqueline - for your kind words, and for visiting! I appreciate both!! :)


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