Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Theme Word for the Coming Year (2015)

This morning, I spent a few minutes re-reading my New Year's post from last year. As usual, I find that I wrote it and pretty much forgot about it. This is why I now have my goals for the coming year posted on the kitchen wall - so I don't forget them!

But on the whole, I find that the focus of this past year has, indeed, been on the areas I outlined in that post:

  • Good stewardship of my time - My main point last year was to get control of my computer time, primarily by getting off Facebook. In the past year, I have "quit" Facebook two or three times - each time giving in to the draw to jump back in. Right now I'm in the beginning stages of yet another attempt. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • Emotions and words with DH and the children - It's hard to say, but I do believe that I've made significant progress in this area over the past year. The only way to tell for sure would be to ask... but I'm not that brave. Let's just say that I think I've improved.

  • Decluttering and housekeeping - Always a work in progress, but yes, I do think I've seen progress in this area. Surprisingly enough, working on getting a consistent chore system for the children in place has had a big positive impact on my own housekeeping habits - a surprise blessing!

  • Chore systems - This is one area in which I have seen enormous progress this year. Reading books, meeting with a mentor, setting up a chore system and really working on maintaining and refining it - all of that has happened this year. It has surprised me with how difficult it has been, and how much it is requiring me to grow. We have a long way to go, but the start has been made.

  • Developing a life of prayer - Working on it, and definitely seeing improvement.

  • Working on FOOD (food quality, meal planning, cooking for a large-ish family, time management, etc.) - Some progress has been made here. A lot of projected progress was cut short by morning sickness (when the term becomes survival rather than forward movement). However, I am learning more about Azure Standard and am working consistently on our food bill. I think that this will be an area in which I never *arrive* but am always working to improve.

  • The Smoothness of Our MORNINGS - I have made a lot of effort in this area and seen some progress. Honestly, though, mornings are hard. By the time we get ready, eat breakfast, clean up, and do chores, it's usually sometime between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. While our 8yo doesn't have too much school work, and is still usually finished by noon, that's still not good enough. That area needs a lot of work.

I come to the conclusion that each of the above areas has seen improvement over the past year, and each still needs work. And that's very often how it is in life - one is constantly moving forward (and occasionally backward), but one rarely says, "I have arrived. I have achieved completely what I set out to achieve and have no further to go." At least for me, that rarely happens. It's just constant work and constant improvement as I strive toward better things. 

There's so much further to go - but the Lord has brought us so far, and for that, I am so grateful. 

Last year's word for the coming year was STEWARDSHIP. I am still working on that, and always will be. 

This year's word sprang immediately to mind: 
My theme word for 2015 is PEACE.
Why? Because that is what I desire for myself and my household. A peaceful soul and a peaceful home. And that is what I want to work on this year, both in my prayer life and in practical efforts. 

One comment I receive consistently from multiple sources is, "You are such a calm mother."


Well, I may be quiet, but true calmness of soul often eludes me. In truth, I am completely stressed out much of the time. Stressed about the state of my home, about my children's behavior and my parenting abilities, about how much I have on my to-do list and how behind I am. And I'm afraid that my stress levels create a household that is similarly stressed. 

While I realize that that is a problem, just saying "I want to change stop being stressed out and start being more peaceful" is not good enough. Wishes alone simply don't get anyone anywhere. Thus, I have begun praying fervently for a peaceful home. Already I am seeing the Lord work in amazing ways, and my determination for this year is to continue to pray earnestly for that blessing upon myself and my home. 

And with that, I wish you all, dear readers, a very happy New Year's! Be safe tonight and enjoy your families and the last of the holidays (unless you celebrate Epiphany, in which case you have another week left!). 

I wish for you all the best in 2015 and beyond! 

King Cake - Our new tradition for Epiphany, to be made next week! 


  1. What a lovely plan for your new year. I wish you success and joy and PEACE!

    1. Thank you! The same to you and the family!!


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