Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Admitting the Ugly Truth (About Maternity Clothes)

Yes, folks - it's time that I admitted it.

The truth is that I need to shop for maternity clothes... when I'm not pregnant.

I've known this for years (eight years, to be precise), but I've always resisted admitting it. Why? Because it feels absolutely ridiculous to buy maternity clothes when we have no idea if we will ever be blessed with another child. While it seems likely that we will, only the Lord knows the plans He has for our family. Buying clothes for a pregnancy that might never happen seems a bit on the silly side.

But on the other hand, there are two other factors that merit consideration.

Firstly, when I need maternity clothes, I am too tired and nauseated to go shopping for them. Even with this past pregnancy, which was amazing, I still felt too exhausted and yucky to go shopping.

Secondly, while I am a devoted thrift store shopper, the truth is that thrift stores are notoriously weak in the area of maternity clothing. Aside from the fact that maternity clothing manufacturers seem to think that all pregnant women are extremely short (?), thrift store selection is low, and many items are near the end of their existence, being that most women (like me!) wear their maternity clothes into the ground before relinquishing them. Additionally, good maternity skirts are truly rare commodities.

Thus, silly as it feels, I am going to admit to the long-obvious truth, and start shopping for maternity clothes all the time ("all the time" as in the once a year I force myself to go shopping!). Hopefully by the time another baby rolls into town, I might have a decent selection.

Additionally, I finally went through my maternity clothing collection and got rid of everything that (1) was worn out, and (2) I didn't care for. This pretty much took my collection down to one skirt and two shirts. Thus, I now have additional incentive - there will be no more skating through pregnancy wearing already-gone maternity clothes!

And there you have it - another New Year's resolution to break. What better way to bring in 2015?

Happy New Year, everyone! 


  1. Smart lady! Go ahead and find clothes that are lovely and will help you through another pregnancy. If, for some reason, the Lord is through blessing you with children, you can always pass those clothes on to another woman in need. I'd be naked while pregnant if not for hand-me-down maternity clothes!!!

    1. Absolutely!! And most likely we have several new little ones in our future... just considering my age (though you never know!).

      Happy New Year to you and the family!!


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