Thursday, November 6, 2014

Week 38 Pregnancy Update

Hello, friends! This will most likely be my last pregnancy update before baby makes an arrival, so here goes!

Pregnancy and Pregnancy Health

All continues to go well with baby (and me!). My midwife has taken to indulging in fits of maniacal giggling when we take my health measurements every week, because this pregnancy has been just so textbook. I'm not complaining!

Our little Flipper has been in a different position at every appointment (transverse posterior, suspected breech, LOP), so I'm hoping to hear that he is in a nice anterior vertex position at our next appointment. Labor is challenge enough without adding in a posterior position!

Yesterday I finally dug out all of our birth supplies and put them in one place together (stuffed behind the bed!), so we are officially "ready" to have this baby... any time. YIKES.

What's Going On Around Here!

Homeschool Field Trip season continues...

Pumpkin Patch!

Fire Station!

Did I mention this? I finished Spring Cleaning! Yes, sometime in late October - it only took me something along the lines of five months to complete. Good grief. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun, but goodness - can I please have a cleaning crew to help me next time? Who knew that one small house could take so much work? And most of the jobs already need to be done again!!

I also learned that I will never again attempt to wash walls. They look ten times worse than they did before!

I have nearly finished up my list of pre-baby to-do items. Many were scratched off into the "forget it, not happening" category, but I did manage quite a bit. Here are a couple of the ones that are left:
  • Get the carpets cleaned (I think I waited too long on this one)
  • Make and freeze baby's birthday cake
  • Email our Christmas letter (we're going virtual for just this year)

Additionally, I have reached that place in pregnancy where my one deepest desire is to have a perfectly clean house. All the time. NOW. As a friend of mine said, "There comes a time in every pregnancy when you think, 'I have not yet vacuumed and mopped the entire house today, and that is NOT OKAY." Amen to that! Unfortunately, I cannot keep the house as clean as I would like - pregnant or no, there is a troop of little mess-makers following me about who make that goal impossible. But I do my best. My emotional well-being is pretty much dependent upon the cleanliness and order of our house, and during the end of pregnancy that relationship is upped astronomically. 

Unfortunately, exhaustion has reared its ugly head, so I am (really!) trying to slow down my pace so that when birth-time does arrive, I can face it with some level of energy.

Finally... our Christmas tree is up! Yes, and our outdoor lights, too! Do we win a prize for the first people in the neighborhood-city-county-state to have Christmas things up?

The 8yo has been begging for Christmas things for weeks (months), so we finally said okay! But honestly, I did want to be done with it before baby comes, so it's just as well.

I have the feeling that there are many more things I wanted to mention, but my brain, dear friends, is toast. So we'll leave it here, and I'll try to remember all of the things I've forgotten for my next update (if there is one!).

Lots of love, dear friends - have a wonderful weekend! 

Entranced watching the new house being built across the street. We need one of these every year - just to keep the toddler occupied! 


  1. Wishing you well in your soon-to-arrive big day!!!!

    I'm impressed that you can keep up with all of your outings in these late pregnancy days. I'm about 7 weeks behind you and already starting to have a really hard time after being out and about.

    1. Oh, dear - I see that it's time to 'fess up. The truth is that I am going on only about half of these field trips - my husband often takes our eldest (or eldest two) while I stay home with the littles. It started as a way to save money (having to pay fewer admission fees for the trips that cost money), but it's kind of become a habit. And for the field trips that I do attend, my husband is usually along for the ride - meaning a lot less work for me! Thus, I can't claim the title of field trip super-mom at all!! :)

      Excited to meet your new little one in just a few weeks too!


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