Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Encouragement for Mamas in the Trenches

Last week, a fellow blogger (Wendy at Contentment Acres) wrote an excellent and very encouraging post, and I wanted to share it with you!

In this article, Wendy writes as a mother who has "reached the other side," sharing her perspective of having finished the very-young-children stage of her life.

Sometimes it seems as if this stage of life will never end (and more importantly, will kill me before it does), so it was awesome to hear her long-term perspective.

She writes:
"I have beautiful scars that tell the story of a girl who followed where the Lord lead and learned incredible things she can now use for His glory. God not only knew what He was doing He was giving me what I had prayed years for: a broader witness for Him! My story of hyperemesis gravidarum and pregnancy losses has been around the world. So many people from different countries have read the story that I have lost count! I have made so many friends through it. My relationship with the Lord has deepened. I couldn't see where He was leading at the beginning. Now I see! The path less traveled has views few get to experience! If you are convicted God is leading you to do something, and it is in line with Scripture as a whole, I encourage you to run, not walk, and don't look back.
"On a side note, I wonder how many prayers we think go unanswered simply because we will not follow where He leads because it looks scary or embarrassing or might cause us emotional and physical pain or insult our sense of pride or cost us something in some way? We get so greedy and expect things to be easy. We forget God requires much of us and that this life is likened to running a long distance race."
And then:
"I am going to miss having babies. 
"I am going to miss feeling my babies move inside of me and knowing that God is doing something miraculous right inside of my body.
"I am going to miss my family taking joy in those first movements and talking through my belly to our "wee one" with prayers and songs and sweet messages of love.
"I am going to miss my husband's tears, special look my way, and deep gratitude at the gift of a new child. He has never worn the same expression at any other moment as when he was holding one of our children for the first time."
Read the rest here.

Though this article is geared specifically toward mothers who struggle with hyperemesis gravidarum, it is widely applicable to every mother. Check it out, and enjoy!


  1. That's a lovely post, and even though I haven't ever had to deal with HG, she speaks truths for all of us. I feel in my heart that this pregnancy is my last. I don't have any reason for it to be, I just feel it. As I live it each day I'm filled with gratitude for my blessings and sorrow for this final time. I try to focus on the gratitude!

    I 'll bet you're counting down the final days by now. I surely wish you well!

    1. Yes!! This was such a lovely post, I just had to share. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

      I'm on the other end of things - most likely, we have many years of pregnancies left (unless things really change course). While I'm thrilled about that, I'm also so tired of being tired and nauseated all the time (though, of course, extremely thankful to have avoided HG this time!). Thus, this article really impressed on me to be thankful for these years we have ahead of us, rather than trying to hurry them up or hope they'll pass quickly.

      We are definitely in any-time land right now! I'll post as soon as the little one makes an appearance. I'm hoping to post one final pregnancy update post today or tomorrow. :)



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