Monday, September 1, 2014

Introducing the Pink Stork! (Natural Morning Sickness Solutions)

Hello, dear readers!

I'm very excited to introduce a brand-new company to you, Pink Stork Solutions - the only company on the market dedicated exclusively to all-natural supplements designed to combat and/or act preventatively against nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (both normal morning sickness and hyperemesis).

One of the most exciting things about Pink Stork Solutions is that it was founded by an actual hyperemesis mama. Most "morning sickness" supplements on the market today seem to be created by individuals who know very little about severe NVP (nausea and vomiting of pregnancy) - and thus think that a simple ginger and peppermint concoction will be all that any mother needs. But with Pink Stork, the founder has first-hand experience with the worst that pregnancy nausea has to offer.
"A few weeks after what should’ve been the start of nine happy months, Amy was admitted to the hospital for 47 days due to hyperemesis gravidarum, or severe morning sickness. Pregnancy wasn’t fun, it was survival."
Read the rest of Amy's story here.

Another exciting part of Pink Stork Solutions is the fact that, while working independently, both Amy (Pink Stork's owner and founder) and I came to very similar conclusions regarding the supplement regimen needed to combat hyperemesis. What an awesome confirmation that we're on the right track! Read about their individual products here.

Here are some more awesome things about Pink Stork Solutions:
  • All sources are organic!
  • There are great options both for mothers seeking to treat current NVP, and for mothers wishing to do pre-conception work to lessen the severity of NVP or hyperemesis in future pregnancies. 
  • Products can be purchased either individually or in product "packages" (everything you need in one package!). Read about the 30-day package here
  • Free two-day shipping!
Make sure to sign up for Amy's blog and the Pink Stork Newsletter (sign-up box is at the bottom of the homepage) to keep abreast of discounts and news! 

We wish all the best to this mama as she starts a much-needed business! Friends, please remember to refer mamas to this awesome online store for their morning sickness needs!

Full Disclosure Statement: I am thrilled to be a new referring associate for Pink Stork Solutions, and I would love it if you used the link on my sidebar when you order your supplements! However, I received no goods or financial reimbursement in return for writing this post! 

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