Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Birthday to Baby Wombat!

This past week, our baby with special needs turned FIVE years old!

I can't believe how quickly the time has gone!

Our little guy, alternately nicknamed the Wee Chublet or Baby Wombat (the latter gained from his personality-resemblance to Wombat in Jackie French's Diary of a Wombat), has progressed greatly this year. Though he's not walking yet (we're guessing a few more years for that one), he can now pull himself up to standing - and he is also crawling! Furthermore, he has discovered the joys of playing games - like rolling balls with Daddy, or his favorite game of "throw my water bottle and chase it."

For his birthday, we had a fun family celebration at home. Balloons, decorations courtesy of the 8yo, cards, some small gifts, and birthday cake - which was, incidentally, the best grain-free gluten-free carrot cake ever. Try it. It's awesome! I should know, because I spent the week good and sick from the overindulgence in sugar. (Apparently using a high-fat, high-protein flour still wasn't enough to keep the sugar from getting me... but it was delicious!)

We had a delightful time, and we're so delighted to be celebrating five years with our wee little man. I've said it again, but it bears repeating (especially in today's culture): Children with special needs are not a burden. They are a gift and a blessing from God, and they need and deserve all of our love and care. We are so glad that our family has been blessed with his joyful little life.

(Start here to read our little guy's full story!)

Dressing up in Daddy's shirt for the special occasion. 

The 8yo's gift - a print-off of an American special forces flag. 

With Daddy as we get his cake ready!

Happy Birthday to our little guy! 


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