Monday, July 7, 2014

Our First Post-Morning-Sickness Holiday!

This year we had a lovely Independence Day - extra-special in that it was the first holiday I've been able to celebrate properly in quite some time!

And after having to throw Easter, St. Patrick's Day, etc., to the winds this year, it was awesome to be feeling well enough to do something for a holiday!

Independence Day has turned into a nice low-key, at-home family celebration for us. We don't do a ton, but we have fun!

Highlights of the day:

- A special dinner, eaten on our special blue-and-red plates!
  • Hamburgers, served bun-style for the family and with horseradish sauce for Yours Truly
  • Low-carb ranch-style coleslaw - Did I mention that it's even better with horseradish sauce?
  • Layered salad (sliced red onion, cucumber, and tomato, covered with Italian dressing)
  • Watermelon
Our plans for dessert were derailed, but I was still pretty impressed! I'm cooking!

This child could win prizes for "messiest eater." This was only the beginning!

- Fireworks, both the small type at home and a fireworks display at a local park (which we watch from our backyard)

- Water balloons!

- Reading the Declaration of Independence aloud. Okay, we actually forgot this part, but we'll get to it today.

- Watching "A Capitol Fourth" on TV. Actually, we didn't get around to this one either, being that we no longer have television and couldn't figure out how to watch it online. But we didn't have time for it anyway!

We had a lovely, relaxing time (for the most part - life just doesn't get that relaxing with littles around!), and it was a ton of fun.

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! 

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  1. Hurrah for you! What a great time to feel better--Independence Day!


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