Friday, July 18, 2014

Before-Baby To-Do List!

I can always tell when I'm starting to feel better! Firstly because I immediately start compulsively organizing and cleaning things, and secondly because I make lists!

Yes, lists. Lots of lists. I may have a problem, but I enjoy it - so bring on the lists!

One list that I make every pregnancy is a "before-baby to-do list." Last time I surprised myself by getting through almost all of my listed items, and I'm hoping for the same thing this time. One of my ever-present to-do list items that I never get around to is having the carpets cleaned, so I'm really hoping I can break through that barrier and finally get it done.

Right now I'm spending 30 minutes per day on these projects. Progress is substantial when I see how much I've gotten done, but frustratingly slow when I see how much there is yet to do! So far, after working for almost a month, I have finished almost one item. (Cleaning out the kitchen.) I think I need to work faster!

Here it is! Deadline: Mid-November unless otherwise notified! Feel free to ask questions!

To-Do Before Baby #5 Arrives!

Clean out 2013 financial papers
Cut my hair!
Finish bartering arrangement with our doula, if applicable
Pay doula by 34 weeks
Fill out paperwork for doula, turn in
Pay midwife by 34 weeks
Get the 2yo sleeping in his own bed
Move the 2yo to boys’ room
Rearrange bureau with baby things
Gather birth supplies
Make birth signs, put with birth things
Order birth kit by 32 weeks
Go to Goodwill for two plastic bowls
Order/receive 2 bottles of afterpains tincture
Buy postpartum snacks
Bake baby’s birthday cake, freeze
Pack hospital bag
Take hospital tour
Have home visit
Stock diaper bag
Set up cradle (?)
Plan six weeks of meals
Freeze six weeks of meals
Get couches cleaned
Get carpet cleaned
Wash bedspread
Clean out garage
Vacuum/wash under appliances
Clean freezer I
Defrost freezer II
Vacuum fans and high places in house
Switch children to winter clothes in early November
Clean and store summer fans
Finish kitchen table
Bleach kitchen floor!
Clean tops of kitchen cabinets
            o Kitchen
            o Laundry room
            o Living Room
            o Master Bedroom
            o Master bath
            o 3rd bedroom
            o Third bath

To-Do – Holiday Preparations

Make Christmas control journal
Write Christmas letter
Prep Christmas cards
Plan Lepkuchen Day
Have Lepkuchen Day!
Reformation Day Faire
Put up Christmas decorations
Do any Christmas shopping
Make any Christmas gifts
Wrap any Christmas gifts
Make boys’ Christmas lists
Prepare/freeze Thanksgiving dinner

To-Do, Weeks 36-39

Buy large bag of frozen berries
Buy bottled OJ
Buy large amount of yogurt
Buy snacks for birth team (granola bars, juice, etc.)
Buy fruit juice for labor (apple, etc.)
Stock up on paper plates, bowls, etc.

To-Do When Labor Starts

Set up signs
Get out blender
Double-make bed
Clean tub
Get out snacks for birth team
Buy any last-minute snack or food items

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  1. Oh my! Those lists are too long for me! I wish you well!!!! Truly!


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