Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Easy Autumn Craft - Apple Print Wreaths!

I found the directions for Apple Print Wreaths over at Mama Jenn, and we did them yesterday and today. Easy, fast, and drop-dead gorgeous! (Ours didn't look as good as hers, but that's just life!)

See above link for directions!

A couple of my notes:

- Not having green foam, I just painted leaves and cut them out as well. They came out beautifully!

- Not having a stick or lots of apple stems hanging about to use as stems, I used... a broken-up palm frond! It worked beautifully!

- Plan two days for this craft - one for painting, one for cutting and gluing. 

- A glue gun is a must for this project, unless you want it to take approximately two years to complete! 

Hat tip to Amy at Raising Arrows, where I first saw this idea (on her awesome list of apple activities!).


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