Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Would Someone Please SAY SOMETHING?

Sometimes you don't realize how far you've come. And then sometimes you do! Today was one of those big self-realization moments in which I realized how much I have changed, and how far I've come!

This weekend, we had a family funeral eight hours north of our home to attend. We considered going as a family, but just couldn't work it financially. Thus, it ended up that DH took our eldest to go to the funeral, carpooling with DH's parents in order to save money and make it workable. I stayed home with the babies.

And you know what? Despite my constant thoughts that "if everyone would just leave, I could get something DONE," this weekend has not been particularly productive. And why?

Because the silence is driving me nuts! Would somebody please just say something? Anything? Anyone?

And that totally cracks me up!

Know why?

Because when I was a new parent, two things nearly drove me insane. The first thing was never being alone and losing all of my private time, and the second thing was - once our toddler started talking - having to deal with constant never-ever-ending conversation. Being a quiet person and also an only child (in both my nuclear and extended families) with quiet parents, it really was a very tough adjustment!

But apparently I've adjusted - because the lack of conversation around here for the past 36 hours has been very unnerving! I still don't have a ton of free time, being that there are two babies around to take care of, but the lack of that constant TALKING that originally drove me mad..... is now itself making me a wee bit batty.

Isn't it funny how we truly can adapt to new realities when we need to?

Right now I'm having to adjust to the reality that used to be my norm. Thankfully it will be over in another 24 hours, and I'll have my chatty never-ever-ever quiet household back.

In the meantime.... Somebody say something! 

When this one learns to talk, I'll have a whole new level of noise to get used to! 

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