Tuesday, August 13, 2013

So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt!

This past weekend while we were visiting the grandparents, DH pulled out some old Keith Green tapes and started to play them. Our 7yo was entranced, and thus our house has ever since been filled 'round the clock with the sounds of DH's Keith Green CD collection.

Any other Keith Green fans in the house?

I'm actually only a mild fan of Keith Green's music, which is odd, because he is a man who changed my life - though we never met, and he died when I was an infant.

When I started dating DH, he immediately introduced me to his favorite book - "No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green" -  a posthumous biography written by Keith's wife Melody after Keith died tragically (along with two of his children) in a plane crash at the age of 28. (Read a full bio here.)

This book pretty much blew my mind. Having grown up in what I now term a post-Christian church, I had never really been exposed to Christianity as a passionate, life-changing relationship that affected one to the core of one's being. Keith Green's deep and abiding passion for Jesus and for holy and set-apart living was totally foreign to me, and I read the book over and over again, trying to puzzle through what was to me an unknown way of looking at Jesus.

Over the years, "No Compromise" played a key role in shaping my beliefs and worldview as a baby Christian. The only other Christian who has had such a profound influence on me was Corrie ten Boom, whose work "The Hiding Place" was similarly mind-blowing.

Keith Green Quotes:

“Loving Him is to be our cause. He can take care of a lot of other causes without us, but He can’t make us love Him with all our heart. That’s the work we must do. Anything else is an imitation.” 

 ”I only want to build God’s Kingdom and see it increase, not my own. If someone writes a great poem no one praises the pencil they used, they praise the one who created the poem. Well, I’m just a pencil in the hands of the Lord. Don’t praise me, praise Him!” 

 “The only music minister to whom the Lord will say, 'Well done, thy good and faithful servant,' is the one whose life proves what their lyrics are saying... And to whom music is the least important part of their life. Glorifying the only Worthy One has to be a minister's most important goal!”

Keith Green, 1953 - 1982

If you have a chance to get a copy of "No Compromise," I highly recommend it! Let me know what you think!

Fellow believers, I'd love to know - who has greatly influenced your faith, or your coming to faith? Tell me about them!

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