Saturday, September 15, 2012

Morning Sickness & Super Mom Vitamins

I thought I would post a comment that I read over at Raising Arrows on her article, "The Protein-Morning Sickness Connection":
"For me changing my vitamins made a HUGE difference in the entire pregnancy and nursing. With my first pregnancy I ended up in the hospital 2x for fluid because I was so dehydrated. I slept 20+ hours a day and lost 30+ lbs in 2 weeks. I was devastated that I was so sick because I longed for a large family. I tried a new vitamin with the second pregnancy and while I was still sick it wasn't as bad and I never had to go to the hospital. Between my 2 and 3 pregnancies I found Super Mom vitamins and it changed everything. With the last 3 pregnancies I've taken Super Mom's and I've only thrown up 2x in all 3 pregnancies combined! My energy level has been much stronger throughout the entire pregnancy. It has also helped me produce more milk for my baby!"
Just wanted to re-post in case these vitamins could help other mamas!

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