Monday, September 17, 2012

Gold Mines, Bucket Brigades, and the Owl That Wasn't

This week was a huge week of homeschool field trips! I'm still tired after such a barrage! 

On Wednesday we headed to the Natural History Museum. Dinosaurs, Native Americans, panning for gold, archaeology, Arizona film, and our son's favorites - the Lost Dutchman Mine exhibit and the old-time jail (which fascinated and terrified him simultaneously). 

We were at this museum two years ago, and it's fascinating to see how a young child's interests (and attention span!) change over that time.

Two days later, we went to the Hall of Flame Museum (the firefighters' museum). This event started out with an hour-long tour, which interested our son on a level of "total and complete boredom." However, I wasn't upset about this - he is, after all, only six, and a history lecture is not likely to enthrall a six-year-old boy. Sometimes I realize that I have to adjust my expectations when I am expecting him to like or be interested in something that did not interest me until I was two to four times his present age. 

After that, however, came time to play on the fire engine and spend time doing outdoor firefighting activities, like the bucket brigade....

... and getting to hold the fire hose:

However, it is here that I must admit to a big, big, BIG-TIME parenting

That's right. You see those pictures above, of our son with the fire hose? Those were taken by another parent. Yup. I had thought that the line was moving fairly slowly, so I turned away to speak to another mom - and when I turned back - our son had already had his turn and was doing something else. I missed the big moment completely.


 I'm still embarrassed over that one.

Then this weekend, we went to attend an event with the local Fish & Game - a wildlife presentation and release of a rehabilitated great horned owl. Fun!

Only problem - when we drove the half-hour to get to this event, we arrived on time - but to an empty park. No owl, no presentation, no nothing.

Thankfully, as a testimony that we are not quite insane, there were several other families wandering around the parking lot, all saying, "Are you guys here for the owl?"

We eventually had to give up, but ended up having a great evening anyway. The adults stood around talking while the kids played for about an hour and a half (it turned out that we were all homeschooling families), and then we finished up with a picnic in the car and then trek out to the Scouting store to outfit our eldest for Cub Scouts.

I love this picture, even though the absent apostrophe is driving me nuts. 
We never did find out what happened to the owl.

We finished up the weekend with an evening trip to our local Riparian Preserve for a cook-out, walk to the lake, and play time.

And now.... onward and upward! The new week awaits.

Have a great week, everyone!

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