Monday, June 4, 2012

More Snippets of Life Around Here

I hope you all are having a great summer! Around here we are being roasted - quickly! - by our usual Phoenix heat. Last Friday it hit 111F, our hottest so far this year. Have I mentioned how much I love the Pacific Northwest?

 But I digress.

 Over here, life continues on! We are still homeschooling and plan to go all summer. Our pace is gentle - usually only four days a week. I don't know if we'll find a schedule or just keep doing year-round. Everything is so hard to determine when starting to homeschool! But that's for a later date.

 For now, here are a few snippets of life!

 - We have made the amazing discovery that unbreakable glass is, indeed, breakable! Fancy that! Of course, it helps if the breaker of said glass is attempting to balance the bowl on top of his head while dancing/spinning wildly around the kitchen - always gives a bit of extra acceleration when the bowl comes barreling off his head (surprise, surprise!) at top speed and smashes (repeatedly) into the floor! The bowl survived the first and second points of impact into the tile, but met its Waterloo on the third. Of course, the child indicated in said tragedy was all surprise - "Why, mommy! I didn't know it would do that!" Oh, child.

- Last week we ran across a friend whom we had not seen in an entire year. The fact that I was holding a completely new (to him) baby went completely over his head, since our new three-month-old is roughly the same size that our toddler was last year (at 18 mos. of age). We finally had to hold him up and say, "This is our NEW BABY. We now have THREE." Hurray for Baby Moose!

- Speaking of Moose, he now weighs about seventeen pounds, is rolling onto his side, and has cut two teeth. He's not letting the grass grow under his feet!

- This year I gave into mommy guilt and signed our eldest up for two two-day classes with the city. The first class was today. After packing the entire family into a boiling hot car, dragging the 6yo into his class ("But mommy, I don't waaaaannnnaaaa go to a class!") and then trying to entertain two cranky babies in the library for an interminably-long hour, my conclusion was something along the lines of, "I am never doing this again! EVER!"

But then out popped the 6yo, after his class, with a cheerful, "I had fun, mommy! I'm glad I came!" Hard on his heels came another mom from the class (the moms of younger kids stayed), who came up to me and said, "Your son is so articulate and well-informed! Do you homeschool him?"

Why, yes. Yes, I do! 

I changed my mind. It was worth it after all.

- Speaking of our 6yo - the following conversation from earlier this week cracked me up:

Son: (sighing wearily) "I don't like our life. I wish it was different."
Me: (going into bad-mommy-guilt panic - how am I warping our children for life now?) "How do you wish that our life was different, hon?"
Son: "I wish that we were all venomous snakes so that we could go around and bite people."
Me: "Ah. Hmm."


- And also with the 6yo: This week a sweet elderly lady at our church died, and we attended her funeral, which was open-casket. This was our 6yo's first up-close-and-personal experience with death (or first when he was really old enough to understand), and I was wondering if we'd be dealing with tears, or fears, or grief of some sort. Nope. He maintained a cheerful and somewhat morbid curiosity about the whole thing - which would have alarmed me greatly, had I not remembered that, when my grandmother died (and I was our son's age), my sole concern was how many black olives I could fit on my fingers at the funeral reception. So all is not lost.

- For Mother's Day I received three parenting books, all of which are proving to be insanely AWESOME!! I will post mini-reviews soon! ("Soon" as in "maybe in three or four years.") Right now I am reading "Raising Real Men" by my beloved Hal and Melanie Young (we got to hear them two years ago at the homeschool conference, and they are wonderful) and it is a wonderful primer on raising that foreign species known as boys. Highly recommended!

Some various pics:

- Our dear friend who was widowed last year is now again a bridegroom! Such happiness all around.

- The Chublet's favorite place - under the organ bench feeling the vibrations from the foot pedals. Notice the towel which is still foiling the attempts of the vomiting cat to ruin our beautiful instrument!

- Last month's AWANA Graduation - our eldest has now finished the first year of Sparkies:

Off to continue with the rat race! Love to all! Have a wonderful week!

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