Monday, January 2, 2012

Introducing Our Newest Arrival!!

A little (or a lot) earlier than expected, but still very welcome - and absolutely gorgeous, of course!!

See beautiful pic below, along with various stats:

 Oh, wait! How did that picture get in there? Sorry, my mistake. Our newest arrival is below:

Isn't it gorgeous?????

Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Birth date: Sometime in the 1960's
Weight: About 400 lbs. and odd ounces
Length: ~ 3 1/2 feet

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Though I am excited (and nervous!) to announce that we are just one short week away from being in the window!! ("In the window" meaning being in the 36w-42w stage in which a birth would be considered term - though "term" has been redefined recently as 38 weeks - and which we could have a birth at home.

This past weekend, though, I did have an interesting labor scare. We were three hours away up north, when I was awakened at midnight by a definite and painful contraction. Bam! Then, 3-5 minutes later, another one. Bam! By that time, I was in complete emergency mode. Great... we're three hours away from home in preterm labor, we're going to have a baby too early in a hospital we've never seen, and without our midwife!!! Thankfully, those two contractions were it, and they have not repeated themselves (except for non-stop Braxton-Hicks).

I did learn a couple of lessons, though - one of which being that I needed to get started on listening to my Hypnobabies CDs!! (Especially since I started to panic with what were only the equivalent of wimpy early-labor contractions.) Even if it doesn't help, it helps me to feel prepared - so I started last night and plan to continue. If anyone has left it till the last minute, it is I!!!

And so, Happy April Fools! Or Happy New Year, or whatever. Love to all!


  1. Sleepwalker - Sorry about that, it was just one of those rare streaks of evil surfacing. :) You're getting pretty close to the end, right? Good luck as you prepare for your little one's arrival! And won't it be lovely not to be nauseated any more?? :)

  2. The baby is due on the 9th and I'm veering between feeling like I'll be pregnant forever and having Braxton Hicks which feel stronger. Baby is in the right position this time so that should help but, like you, I'm feeling a bit nervous about labour. Have had no signs of imminent labour though and I've been having BHs since way way back so that's not much of a sign either.

  3. Good heavens, I'd forgotten you were that close! You're in "any second now" zone!!! Hurray! I'll definitely be thinking of you and waiting for news. What an exciting month! :)

  4. You got me too! I look forward to hearing the news of your baby's arrival and the end to your HG!

    Thanks for reading my blog - I don't post much on it anymore. But you have seen that.


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