Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting Close! (37w4d)

Here we are! I am too tired to think in coherent, logical thought sequences, so sound bites will have to do for a quick update:

How I'm Feeling:
Tired. No, make that exhausted. Sore. Heavy. Nauseated.

Signs of Impending Labor:

False Labor:
Nothing more, really - in an official way - but I have been having a ton of painful night-time contractions that are either keeping me awake or waking me up. This is so new! I've never had anything like this before outside of real labor. And no, the Hypnobabies tapes aren't helping yet, but I'm listening to them faithfully anyhow.

Weird Pregnancy Things:
Every day or two, I panic and think, "Wait! We have a baby! But I haven't fed the baby! Or changed, dressed, etc. the baby! Furthermore, I don't know where the baby is!!!" Then I remember that oh, yes, the baby hasn't been born yet. Relief!

Baby Names:
I think we're set.... again. We'd better be, because the family is waiting with long lists of requested names otherwise! 

To-Do List:
Almost completed! This coming week is our prenatal with our doula and our tax appointment, so if we can make it through that, I'll be happy!

The Lost-and-Found Cat:
After her latest escape, we realized two things: (1) she wasn't adoptable anyhow (we'd been trying to find owners), because you can't just give away a cat that is looking to leap for freedom every time she sees a square inch of blue sky, and (2) we didn't want her back. She was miserable, and our bully-cat was making mincemeat of her. So we decided that if she showed up again, we would just feed her outside as an outside cat. And it's worked! She's come down for dinner twice now (about once a week), and it is working for all parties. Thank goodness!

A Quick Reminder:
For Facebook friends, please don't mention this blog on Facebook (no worries for those who have forgotten!). The reason: I do not want my family reading my blogs. That sounds weird, but I simply want to maintain my privacy and my ability to express myself fully without worrying about family misunderstandings or input. Thanks, all!

Upcoming Plans:
Well, most of them are getting canceled due to sheer exhaustion. But things on the calendar these next few weeks include homeschooling, MOMS Club outings, weekly meetings with our midwife, a prenatal with our doula, our tax appointment, lots of errands and little last-minute things, and a lot of finger-biting-type waiting. 

Other Stuff:
I think there's a lot of other stuff, but my mind is too dead to think of it! Later, all! 

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