Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick Update

Just a note that I have posted a link on my sidebar to my HG Protocol, and I will be making all updates to that post. So far I've added kefir, enzymes, and a couple of other things..... I know that I do tend to end up making really top-heavy protocols, but hey, it makes me feel more secure.

I've also decided that I do need a naturopath, so I've started the search for that.

Even if this never goes anywhere, I'm having fun with it!! :)

p.s. Have you ever noticed that HG research is a never-ending endeavor? WOW! I just go over to and start reading forums, and soon I'm lost in a sea of links and articles and conversations and debates, leaving me helplessly scrambling to jot down notes and try to keep up with anything-anything-ANYTHING that might help. It's not an easy task! (Can I get an amen?) Good luck to you ladies as you pursue your own searches, and let me know when you'd like to discuss or compare notes!


  1. Just curious, in your research have you found any mention of hops (related to cannabis) and irish moss? I was just researching hops and saw that they contain a substance with a sedative effect which is meant to be similar to the THC in cannabis and I saw that Irish Moss is high in vit B but it I thought I'd ask you if you'd encountered it before searching. Both are mentioned for morning sickness but with no references so it is just a case of searching the web.

  2. Gosh, actually I haven't run across either of those - ever!! And I thought I'd seen most of the stuff out there! No, never seen those - but I'd love to hear more if you turn something up!! :)


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