Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good Intentions, And What Came of Them

And we all know where good intentions lead!

This week, the best laid plans of mice and men definitely "ganged aft a-gley" - i.e. did not happen!

Early in the week I had decided, after some thought, that I would start my defeat-HG diet on Tuesday. So.... Monday, I decided to cut loose a bit from my Paleo diet as a sort of "last meal" in preparation for the uber-hard Phase II. I won't give the gory details, other than that my misadventures included brownies. In the plural, with ice cream. Yum.

However, as the afternoon and evening wore on, I started feeling yuck. At first I thought that I was having some sort of reintroduction reaction, but in the middle of the night my fears were realized by another three a.m. call from our son's room - "Mommy, I need you!" Yes, stomach flu and/or food poisoning. AGAIN. Second time in eight days. Thankfully it was mild for both of us - he did some throwing up, I almost did but was able to get through sans-vomitus. As I said, it was mild. But it lasted a good while - a couple of days of feeling off after the acute phase - and so I was in no mood to dive into Phase II.

With all of that, I am back - sort of - on Paleo and am going to take the plunge sometime in the next few days. I'll post when I do.

As a side note, for anyone who is doing the defeat-HG diet (my new name!), the Paleo diet is a great stepping stone between Phase I and Phase II of that diet. To go from Paleo to Phase II, all one has to do is cut out fruit and reintroduce cheese. Much easier than going from Phase I to Phase II (a drastic change).

I hope to update on our life soon! This weekend is going to be crazy - DH has two-phase periodontal surgery tomorrow (parents, this is why you need to take your kids to the dentist when they're young!), and it's probably going to be pretty intense. Hoping it's easier for the poor guy than it seems!!

Love to all, and a very happy weekend to you! 

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