Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lab Test Results

Just a quick note to update!

Last week, a med student called from our ped's office to tell us that baby's brain MRI results were normal - possibly slightly enlarged ventricles, but nothing else.

Then two days ago, our geneticist called to tell us that the first two blood tests (of three) came back negative - which is what we were expecting, as they were a long-shot.

While we were on the phone, I mentioned that I'd gotten the all-clear call about the MRI, and she said, "Well, hmm. That's weird." Turns out the MRI did not actually come back all clear, though the deviations were all minor. Things noted were the aforementioned enlarged ventricles, lower-than-normal overall brain volume, and two arachnoid cysts (haven't looked those up yet). Nothing of particular concern, but definitely not a perfectly normal scan.

So now we have an appointment back with neurology to have the MRI scan results evaluated, and we continue to wait on blood test #3, which is the biggie - the chromosome micro-array, the be all and end all of genetic testing. Hopefully sometime within the next couple of weeks!

Off to have a busy weekend getting ready for my parents to visit! It is SAD how many things we just "don't get around to" until the crunch-time of "aack! parents coming! must clean up the house!" arrives. *Sigh*.

Enjoy the last pre-Christmas weekend, all!!

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