Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hyperemesis... and Gluten?

There is the occasional HG question on one of the birth yahoo groups I subscribe to, and one woman wrote the following:

"I started drinking ginger tea and drinking Hansen's Ginger Ale (no HFCS). My midwife recommended Vitamin B-6, so I take a combo of B-6, B-12 and folic acid (I can't stomach prenatals) and that seems to help. The biggest thing was my diet change this time around. I realized I was vomiting when I had gluten in my food. I took it out and it has helped a lot. I also eat mostly fruit and veggies, all organic. I also eat like every half hour, in tiny meals. I eat when I am nauseous too and although it is hard, it still helps to not vomit. I also munch on ice all day long. If I drink a glass of water, it can cause me to vomit. Munching ice has helped a lot so that I don't get dehydrated. I also will drink coconut water if I am throwing up a lot, to get my electrolytes and potassium up."

Interesting! Very interesting! Any concurrence out there in HG land?

I'm trying to do low-gluten right now (with lots of relapses), both to try to re-jumpstart my pregnancy weight loss and to deal with the fatigue issues that are ever-present for me. Wouldn't it be interested going gluten-free helped with HG issues, at least for the gluten-sensitive among us?

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