Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Medical Cannabis for Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

This is not a new article (2004, I think), but I just saw it when a birth buddy posted it on Facebook. Interesting stuff! I haven't really been involved in the medical marijuana debate, so I don't feel justified in posting an opinion (morally, politically, medically). Here is the original article:

Medical Marijuana: A Surprising Solution to Severe Morning Sickness

Does anyone out there know anything more, or have any opinions to share?

I took a quick look around the web to see what the status of medical marijuana in the U.S. was (try this site) and found that it is legal in thirteen states, not including my own (which is in some odd state of legal limbo).

Anyhow, this is a hyperemesis blog.... so I post all information I find, however wacky!


  1. I recently heard about this too and after enduring five pregnancies with Hyperemesis, I was interested.

    I spoke at length to several friends including one person who used "recreational" marijuana during two of her three pregnancies. If the development/behavior of her two children are any indication of the results of using marijuana during pregnancy, I am staying FAR away. The one child is fine and has no behavioral issues, the other two are heavily medicated due to ADHD and other behavior problems.

    I'm not sure if its luck of the draw but that gamble is too big for me.

  2. I don't know if marijuana permanently alters/injures your brain or body. If it does, I am against it.

    But if it does not, I truly don't see any difference between its use for medical purposes, and the hundreds of other things we use as treatments and therapies. It ought of course come with restrictions about vehicle and machine operation like every other mind-altering drug, and it ought to be strictly regulated and available by prescription only, but I do think it should be available for medicinal use. The fact that some people abuse it is no reason to limit access from the people who legitimately need it. Tons of other prescription drugs are abused too, and yet they're still legal, so the logic is not consistent for me.

    But, if it does have permanent negative effects (and just truly, I don't know one way or the other) then I agree that we should continue to refrain from using it. And as a treatment for HG, I think I would have to know first whether it would negatively affect the baby.

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