Monday, December 8, 2008

Just a quick note

Blogging, like much of my normal life lately, has unfortunately been pushed to the side by our house project and move. My housework has suffered; my email is being ignored - all non-essential life is being put on the back-burner to make room for the all-encompassing HOUSE. Hopefully I will get my life back soon! But it doesn't seem like it will be too soon - our move date keeps getting pushed up... and up... and up... as we discover more things to fix on the house before we can move in. Of course, better now than after we move in! But I probably won't be "back to normal" for months - not until spring or later. I have never unpacked with a toddler in tow, so that should be interesting! Normally I devote myself to it body and soul for two straight weeks, and it's done, but with a toddler I have the feeling it might be a wee bit different.

I have made the nervous decision that I'll try to be officially "open to children," as the Catholics say, after our move. I should qualify that, though - we are always open to children, any time, anywhere - I am just referring to actively "trying" for children, though the thought makes me shiver with fear. Not that we haven't been cheating on our natural family planning rules for the past year and a half, but doing it consciously is quite different! We may just take the "not trying, not preventing" route and let nature take its course.

If the Lord does permit us another child, at least I won't be so fearfully naive or passive as I was last time. I have a plan and a back-up doctor, and I mean to use both. No more "toughing it out"!! I've tried that and it was hell on earth. Nope, I'm going to be a hard-hitter this time. A sister-in-law of a friend of mine took the same approach. Her insurance gave her problems with treatment for HG, so she made repeat visits to the emergency room to be checked in and told her insurance that they could expect the same from her until they agreed to cover HG treatment. Good for her! I hope to follow her example.

That makes me realize that I need to get out my HG protocol and finish it up. I got all of the research done when I had my last big pregnancy scare, last fall, but I think that I need to input the changes and post it so I'll be ready to go whenever it is needed. I'll try to get to that soon!!

Lots of love to everyone. My blog will be horribly neglected for at least the next quarter, but I am still here and will try to check in occasionally.


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