Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Today Is a Big Day!

Today we finished our first half-decade of home education!

Yes! Really! It's been five years!

I'm so excited about this. It seems that we have just begun - and we have so far to go - but our first five years is a huge milestone.

(If anyone is wondering why we are finishing a school year in March, it's because I have designed our family's school year to run May through March rather than September through May.)

And now... bring on summer break!

(I'm working on a year-summary post - look for that in the next week or two.)

Happy Summer Break, everyone!


  1. How exciting to be celebrating that many years of homeschooling already!I can't wait to read your summary--but no pressure!

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I have my summary post done, but I keep adding things to it. Hopefully I can just push "publish" sometime in the next week or two!! :)

  2. How exciting! May you have joy in the next half decade and the decades to come. :)

    We have exciting news, too--our adoption is scheduled for March 28th!!!

    1. This will be on my calendar! So exciting, Anne!!!


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