Sunday, December 13, 2015

Something You Never Thought You'd See!

Something you never thought you'd see...

... fall leaves in Phoenix! Yes, really!

Normally we simply don't get good fall foliage colors in the valley. Our pathetically warm fall temperatures simply don't create the right environment for color development. But this fall, due to the cold snap we had in November and early December, we are getting the loveliest colors I've ever seen here. This weekend I insisted on stopping the car several times to snap a few pictures, and we're all enjoying soaking in the colors. It will be many years, most likely, before we see colors again as pretty as these.

Though my husband might not complain about that, judging by the exasperated sighs every time he heard, "Wait! Stop the car! I've got to get a picture of that one!"


And from our house:

Happy winter!

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