Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Around Here Lately, November 2015

Remember about how I was worrying about not having enough homeschool field trips over the summer?

Mwa ha ha ha ha!

As usual, as soon as September hit, we were overwhelmed with field trip opportunities - so many that we've had to turn down quite a few just to keep from absolute overload.

From now on, I am going to remember that summer is our "slow season" with regard to field trips - and that's okay. It will help balance against the insanity of September through December.

Here are a few of our recent outings:

Our field trip to a local Mexican restaurant. The children colored, learned words in Spanish, got a tour of the back of the house operations, and enjoyed some burritos that they rolled themselves.

In one of our homeschool groups, each member is responsible for planning one field trip per year. This year I planned a field trip to one of our local airports. It was fun (though nervewracking - I do not like being in charge of an event) and went well.

Speaking of home education, I am thrilled that I have figured out our curriculum choices for next year!

And I kept those choices for a whole 24 hours before changing them!

Seriously, I'm pretty sure that our decisions are made (as far as they can be). Believe it or not, curriculum ordering time is only a few short months away - and I'm thankful that (most of) the angst is over.

That is, until I throw everything to the winds and decide to start from scratch.

Stay tuned for that.

This year we almost missed the pumpkin patch, but thankfully remembered before it was too late. The children always love this one!

Our church took a day this past month to visit Canyon Lake. The children had a wonderful time! They spent almost the entire day in the water at the shoreline, and also had a chance to go boating and tubing for the first time.

My husband also got to try wakeboarding, which he found much more challenging than waterskiing! He didn't quite make it up on the board, but he hopes to try again some time. We didn't get any pictures of that adventure.

When we got home, we were so tired that we fell asleep, each and every one of us, by 8:30 p.m.

We hope to go back soon!

We also attended our local library's annual "Star Wars Day" - the 9yo had a marvelous time.

And finally....

Yes! Merry Christmas!

Apparently our idea of letting the boys decorate early for Christmas last year set a standard, because they're never going to let us forget it.

It's okay by me. Maybe this way we could put our Christmas decorations away in January, as opposed to, say, April. (Once we actually got to May.)

The one thing that I didn't like was having such a short time with our fall decorations. Fall is my favorite season, and by the time I remembered to put up my two fall decorations, it was only three weeks till Christmas decorating day!

Next year, autumn starts on September 1st - even if it is still 110F outside!

Ending with a few random pictures!

Our little lady is pulling to stand and doing a bit of cruising. Now she's to the "let go and go boom" stage. Walking is just around the corner, as is her first birthday!

The 3yo goofing for the camera - he is a complete ham.

One of his nicknames is "Accessory Man" - he has not yet seen a costume, boot, hat, glove, etc. that he didn't immediately love. Combine that with his other nickname, "Worker Man," and you've got a child who spends his life piling on the extras, clothing-wise.

As a final note, I am happy to report that our family survived the Great Phoenix Earthquake. This earthquake was so strong that it almost woke me up. Boy, howdy. These desert earthquakes are really somethin'.
(This was actually the first earthquake that any member of our family has actually felt since moving to Arizona from California thirteen years ago. Ahhh. It felt just like home. :)
Dear readers, I hope that each of you is having a wonderful week! Love to you all!


  1. Today was the day it dawned on me that, oh yeah, there's a big feasty holiday this month that I should be thinking about, and we missed the pumpkin patch, too. And you're up for Christmas already? Sigh. All this rest is driving me batty. I want to be ready for something. Bleh. But what a cute bunch of pumpkins you have!

    1. Holidays drive me nuts too - even when I don't have a new baby!! Every year I long for autumn and winter (my favorite seasons), and every year when they finally arrive, I'm tearing my hair out saying, "WHY did I want this, and when is New Year's so this holiday thing can be OVER?" Holiday season American-style is just a bit on the nutty side, in terms of expectations and workload. Even for those of us who try to simplify. How about we move it back a couple of hundred years, and just make the entire thing into a big dinner on Christmas and a handful of chestnuts? :)

  2. What a busy, joyful season you're having! I love the funny pictures of your 3yo--he's too cute. :) (All of your dear ones are darling!)

    1. Thank you, Anne! He is a darling, even if he does stretch me to my limits! He definitely is a ham for the camera. :)

  3. I loved seeing all the pictures! We're still hanging out waiting here. I was supposed to be induced this morning but the hospital is so busy I've been bumped. Not sure if they will call me in later today or try for tomorrow. We are just waiting to see. I'm overdue for the first time since my first baby. I'm praying it will mean a quicker labor in the end. I was dilated to 4cm on Monday. My body just isn't doing anything productive/consistent.

    1. Praying for you especially today as you wait for your wee little guy to put in an appearance! (Unless he already has!) And here I figured he had joined you all weeks ago! :)

  4. Well, things never go quite as expected. I went in Friday to be induced, had my shortest labor (10.5 hours), and Tobias Keegan arrived weighing 9 lbs5oz (my biggest). We are doing well, still in hospital because of jaundice but hoping to go home tomorrow. Easy recovery so far.

    1. Tristan! Congratulations!! I'm so excited to hear that your precious little one has arrived safely. Congratulations on your special day! I'm so excited about another little boy joining your beautiful family. Love from all of us.


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