Thursday, March 29, 2012

Various NVP Meanderings

Good morning, everyone!

I was reading a pregnancy update on a blog that I follow, and I came across the following quote:
"I can hardly believe it, but my nausea is almost gone already. I have just enough background queasiness to keep me from worrying about the baby. I’m still very tired and prone to nausea if I’m on my feet too long, but am so thankful to be feeling better this soon! 
"I’m really curious about what has made the difference this time. I can think of a long list of possibilities, and you can probably add to the list. The problem is figuring out which ones really belong on the list so I can repeat the experience if I have any more babies! 
"..... (One thing is) Very little sugar. When I do eat it, I feel better right away, but almost invariably feel worse later. I know blood sugar dips make me sick, so eating less sugar is probably keeping me more stable, reducing that particular cause of nausea." (emphasis mine)
This exactly mirrors my experience. I spent a lot of time during this past pregnancy noticing how different macronutrients (carbs v. protein v. fat) made me feel, and I noticed particularly that anything high in carbohydrates immediately made me feel great - for a very brief time before I crashed and felt much worse than before. Foods that were fat/protein-rich, like cheese, had a much better result and more long-lasting relief. This is one of the bases of the VLC diet (article coming soon), so I love seeing little confirmations of this in the journeys of others.

Of course, this is all assuming that a mother has the ability to eat - that's a whole different issue.

And, to close, this little article on "Rejoicing in Morning Sickness." Again, this is about morning sickness, not HG, but the same principle applies - though I must say in all honesty that I have never been able to rejoice in HG, nor to summon gratitude for it (in the moment, that is). *Sigh*. But it's a great article, and I love the closer:
"My friend was sitting in my living room during one of our mom’s meetings . She and her husband had recently found out that the child she was carrying had Trisomy 13, the presence of an extra 13th chromosome in all cells. This leads to many physical problems and is usually fatal. She made the comment that she had not been as grateful as she should have been for pregnancy before, that she had complained with the difficulties and discomforts, but that with this child, knowing that the pregnancy may be the only time she would have with this baby, God had changed her heart and she was striving to be thankful for the time that He had given this baby to her.

"My friend’s daughter, Hope, was born and lived for an hour and a half before God called her home. Hope’s momma taught me a valuable lesson that night in my living room. Thank you Lord for another priceless gift and please help me rejoice in the journey."
Good stuff.

Have a great day, all!

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