Thursday, February 9, 2012

Still Here! (40w2d)

May I say.... Wow!! I cannot believe we are still "here," i.e. sans baby. And not only are we still here, but there are absolutely no signs that baby's advent is anywhere imminent! Can you believe it? We are now almost one full week past the furthest point we have ever before reached with either of our first two pregnancies.

Life is going well - keeping up with housework, playdates, cooking, childcare, homeschooling, etc. - nothing really new! We were rather expecting the baby to have arrived by last weekend, so a lot of this week has just been.... waiting - mentally, at least - which can be rather nerve-wracking!

I have currently updated my "So, when is this baby arriving?" answer to "A few days ago!" which has definitely caused widespread nervous looks! Oddly enough, the answers I get to that, though, vary between "Gosh, you hardly look pregnant!" to "Will you PLEASE hurry up and have that baby already?" - I think it depends on the shirt I'm wearing!

On Monday we had fun with our midwife working out how we wanted the birth to go. For the record, our plan was for it to start gradually tomorrow (Friday) at around noon, and finish up around 10 p.m. Let's see what happens!

I'm thrilled to have made it to the end of the week. There is a ton of training going on for DH at his work, as well as an event going on tomorrow, and I'm thankful he's made it to all or most of that. Additionally - and yes, I know that this is totally trivial - if this baby can wait till midnight tonight or later to be born, we will have spontaneous palindrome birthdays for ALL of our babies! Again, I know it's trivial, but that's pretty exciting for me. Our first two are 6/22/6 and 9/1/9, and the dates of Feb. 10 through Feb. 19 of this year are also palindromes (2/10/12 - 2/19/12). I'm counting the hours!

So that's about it over here, folks! Just nesting and putting in time while we wait for our little one to make an appearance. I'll post as soon as I can when he or she does!!

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