Sunday, October 30, 2011

In Which an Unwanted Guest Returns (25w5d)

I'll check in for real (as in, a life update) sometime soon, but in the meantime....

Remember that whole "I'm off Zofran!" thing? Well, it was extremely short-lasting - 24 hours, to be precise. I've been back on the stuff ever since, and have actually had to increase the dosage - back to 8 mg Zofran and two Diclectin per day. And unfortunately, I've gone from "I'm feeling okay most of the time!" to "I'm feeling blech!" for about half of the day.

Not that that's anything to complain about. Because it's not! I have much to be grateful for. After all, HG has been avoided this pregnancy, and I'm pretty much completely functional - I'm eating, cooking, teaching, going places, doing a wee bit of housework - nothing to complain about.

So I'll keep my whining to a strict minimum, I promise!

But it is odd. I have never experienced the third-trimester NVP-return before, so it is odd that it seems to be occurring during my by-FAR easiest pregnancy ever. I don't really know what to expect (is it going to get worse? will it last till the end?) or what to do about it (besides the meds). Hopefully it will go away, because I was starting to finally enjoy this pregnancy!!

More later, right now it is NAP TIME, hurray!!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear it's got worse again. Hopefully it's just a blip on the road to recovery.

  2. Perhaps you are wearing yourself out a bit because you are feeling better and that's knocking you into needing the meds. I don't feel as though mine is gone, just lurking, and I pace myself. Hope you feel better again soon. xxx

  3. Hi Diana, was just wondering how you are and hoping you're okay.

  4. Hi, Susan! Thanks for checking on me! I am doing well. Thankfully that relapse thing only lasted in earnest for about one week. Now I'm back to just feeling mildly yucky about half the day - nothing to complain about! I shall do my best to check in soon with you all. :)

  5. That's great - I'm glad you're doing well. :o)


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