Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Quick Update

Being that I am home (with leftover stomach flu) and DH and DS are at church, I finally have time to blog!

Those of you out there who have two or more children and still make time to blog rgularly... I applaud you. Loudly and heartily and sincerely. How do you do it? With two kidlets I am usually too busy or too tired to blog... and whenever they're both asleep at once, I'm either terribly busy or wanting to nap myself. So my blogging life has definitely taken a back seat for the moment!

So... life! What's been going on? Beats me! I can't even remember when I updated last! As usual, I've written tons of blog updates in my head, but they are so far in the past that I can hardly remember them.

It seems lately that our life has been in a state of flux. Everything is changing! Not a good thing according to me - I prefer the serene, unchanging lifestyle of a hundred or so years ago. But goodness, everything is going crazy here. For starters, we left our dear church (a big enough change in itself!), and unfortunately, our ties there are starting to gradually lessen (predictably), simply because our "see you next week!" has become "see you in a few months... or next year... or whenever." Predictable, but infinitely grieving.

Secondly, half of our friends seem to be moving away! This past winter we lost some dear friends to New Hampshire (you KNOW who you are!!). Then this past month we lost another family to Colorado and another to Georgia, plus another friend to California. At least three more families of our acquaintance are waiting to hear on possible moves. Our neighbors (who just happen to be the best neighbors in existence) are moving to Florida. Oh, and let's see.... One dear friend just married, another just divorced and is moving away, our midwife changed business partners and has a new practice... My decision not to homeschool means that my few ties to the homeschooling community will probably be broken as well over the coming months.... and there's more, but that's all I can think of now.

I mean, seriously! What is God trying to tell me here? I have wondered (nervously) if God is preparing us for a move ourselves, just because He knows that the only way He could pry me away from here is if a lot of our ties were broken (I tend to be rather limpet-like). No signs of that, but it is definitely a season of change for us. I do feel rather at sea, and all the more so because there are no signs of anywhere new to land. The church where we are currently attending is a semi-mega-church - the kind one can attend for ten years without making friends. We're going to try some other churches, but (unfortunately for me), DH loves mega-churches, and in my experience it is very hard to find community and/or friendships in mega-churches. So we'll see... we'll see. Hopefully we won't be without anchor for too long. I am very, very thankful for Facebook, which is at least allowing me to keep in touch online with my dear friends from my home church. Not the same as in-person, but the next best thing.

What else is going on? Well, to be honest, mostly just life. Diapers, meals, housework (precious little of that!), playing with trains, supervising outdoor play, grocery shopping, MOMS Club dates, daily routines - all the usual SAHM rituals! Nothing extraordinary, but there's never a dull moment. As usual, I had at least a couple of things that I wanted to mention in this blog post, but now that I finally have time to write, they have fled my mind.

We have a busy couple of months coming up here - June, our big birthday month, a hopeful camping trip (our first in three years), a possible trip back east (driving two days with two kids - ack!), visits from family, etc. However, we shall need all the amusement we can get, because (drum roll, please....) Phoenix's annual six-month summer is rolling ominously in upon us. That's right, it's time to pay the piper. What I wouldn't give to be a snowbird! :) The only person I know who actually likes Phoenix heat is my midwife, who absolutely revels in our super-heated summer. This, incidentally, proves that she is certifiably insane, meaning that I should probably question having her catch our babies! (Just kidding - we love her!! Even if she is insane!) I'm thinking of enrolling DS in preschool early - in August - just so he can have something to do when it's so horribly hot outside.

Well, off to get something useful done! Happy Sunday, everyone!!

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