Tuesday, March 9, 2010

National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

Cross-posted from my birth blog:

I've had this post ready for some time, but as the time neared I found I was having difficulty actually posting it. I had nerves, jitters, second guesses, the whole shot.

Why? Well, for several reasons, all of which revealed some fairly revolting character defects. Let's look at it....

Firstly... I like to be liked! I just do! I admit it. I can obsess morbidly over criticism for days, if not weeks. Posting about a controversial topic is a great way to get criticism and/or personal attacks... and I found myself shrinking away from it.

Secondly... I have more to lose than I did last year when I posted on this subject! I love blogging, and I now have (*gasp*) a few blog followers! How many are going to click "unsubscribe me now!" after reading a pro-life entry? (The fact that I would even consider that factor disgusts me even as I write!)

What can I say? Apparently my character needs some work. A friend of mine this past week told me how much courage it took for her to post something controversial on Facebook, knowing how it might be received. I need the same kind of courage to post about things I believe in. And, after all, as one author wrote (I don't remember who, and this is a paraphrase) - "If nobody hates you, maybe you aren't speaking enough truth." I should probably take that to heart.

And so, without further ado, here is my contribution for National Abortion Provider's Day.

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Abortion is…

A young life

Ending in violence

A baby dying horribly

For our convenience

Abortion is…

An infant

Whose life is unwanted – and thus disposable –

Because her conception

Was not perfectly planned

Abortion is…

A baby with birth defects

“Sorry, baby – We only wanted you

If you were healthy and normal.

We’ll try again for a better baby later.”

Abortion is…

A baby with fatal anomalies

Dying - not at peace in its mother’s arms

Hearing a whispered “We love you, sweetie; go with God.” -

But an end of coldness, fear, and pain

And a careless disposal of its precious tiny body

In a hospital’s biowaste trashcan

Abortion is….

The biggest abuse

Ever perpetrated

Against the world’s women

And their little ones

Abortion is…

The greatest tragedy mankind has ever wrought

Upon itself.

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  1. Hi Diana,
    I love this! Beautiful. It brought me to tears. I went to Planned Parenthood on Good Friday to pray and I was so surprised by people driving by and flipping us off, or screaming obscenities at us. So sad.
    Thank you for your courage and beliefs. I really like your blog.


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