Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Note on Pictures

After 30 minutes of fiddling, I finally figured out how to put these pictures on my blog (a computer genius I am not!), but I couldn't figure out how to add text! So I wanted to note that these pictures were done by my sweet friend Jennifer, who should be a professional but chooses to remain a hobbyist - thank you, Jen!! These pictures finally gave me the opportunity also to update my profile picture, which was quite inaccurate due to its being out of date by two years, a different hairstyle, and an unnamed (ahem!) amount of baby weight. Hurray!!

1 comment:

  1. You are too generous with your compliments but you are very welcome. I really had a good time.

    FYI LOL though-your profile pic is of you, J and baby, but the caption says You, hubby and son. Do you know something we don't ;) J/K-think it's probably left over from the old pic?


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