Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Responding to Commenters

A quick note: I have decided that I'm going to start responding to comments by leaving my own comment on the same entry - isn't this what most of you bloggers do? I have been trying to go to the commenters' blogs to leave comments, but it is an involved and time-intensive process that isn't usually too successful. If anyone knows anything that I'm missing, let me know.....


  1. This is what I do, too. Sometimes I may email instead (or in addition), but especially with WordPress now having a "email follow-up comments" check-box, I figure that people will check that if they want to read a reply. Blogger has that too, if the commenter has a Google account; otherwise they have to check back. Usually, I just RSS the comments as well, so I can be apprised of any replies. I think it's perfectly acceptable just to comment after their comment (although I don't always reply after all the comments left on my blog), and "above and beyond the call of duty" to reply personally or on their blog.


  2. Found something I thought you might want to read while browsing through the OB message boards that Rixa suggested.


    If you click on "next in thread" you should get to all the replies.

    Several replies talk about the OB not wanting to do a tubal without informed consent, counseling and at least a 3 day waiting period (if not more). So your thoughts about wondering if you should get a tubal if you (God forbid) needed a c-section. It sounds like the OB wouldn't do it anyway.


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