Sunday, May 24, 2009

25 weeks, 3 days: Phoenix Summer Begins

I'm sitting at home right now while our toddler sleeps in (he's got a cold) and hubby is at church... what better time to update my blog?

We are all well, though the heat from the beginning of a loooonnnnggg Phoenix summer is somewhat depressing, and we're all getting ready to hibernate indoors for the next five months. (*Sigh*) Rather the reverse of most places, I suppose!

Yesterday we spent a pleasant afternoon wandering around our local plant nursery, and had a bunch of fun looking at plants we'd like to buy eventually. At the very end, however, we stopped innocently at the front desk to ask the price of an unlabeled edible fig tree.... and were immediately sucked into an inescapable sales vortex by an enthusiastic young salesman and were not permitted to escape before listening to a half-hour talk on all of their programs, packages, and services! We did our valiant best to nod intelligently and look as if we perhaps did have $2,000 to pay offhand for trees at any given moment. I don't know if we succeeded.

We never did find out the price of the fig tree.

Moving on.... We are slowly learning the ins and outs of home-ownership, though I think it will be a long journey. I can tell that I am starting to feel better because I have started having my usual manic-decluttering moments, though in-miniature, in between bouts of fatigue/nausea. As usual, the hardest part is getting DH involved, but I have found that if I put a small box of "to be decluttered" stuff in front of the television, I can get him to look at it before bedtime. I love going through his computer stuff! Stick it in a box for a few years, and voila! It's useless and outdated! So whenever he goes through his computer boxes, we throw about half of it out. I love throwing stuff out! It's one of my main de-stressors in life.

I am beginning to understand why "country folk" can sometimes have more hardened attitudes toward animals and wildlife than us "soft city dwellers." Even though we're still in the city, just having a larger property seems to have translated into semi-country living - and there are so many things, to put it vulgarly, that need killing! Roaches, gophers, crickets, ants, scorpions, tumbleweeds - just to name a few. DH, to put it frankly, doesn't mind at all - it's bringing out his "hunter-man" nature. Lately he's been perfecting his technique of killing flies by snapping them with bath towels. Even I have become somewhat hardened to killing scorpions, though I don't like it - we just have too many to relocate them, as I used to do in our apartment.

One thing I can't get accustomed to, however, is the killing of gophers... those things are just so darned cute! I love them. But they can destroy one's property, for sure.

Baby is doing well; she is very active!! I find the difference between her and our DS in-utero to be utterly fascinating - who would have known that one could tell differences in babies pre-birth? She remains hiccup-less, which makes me laugh when I remember my pregnancy with DS, who had hiccups several times daily from conception onward. Fun stuff!

I am doing my best to wean myself off of Zofran. It's not that I'm running out, but that I really would like to have a small stash left at the end of this pregnancy. It's not that I'm planning another baby... but there are such things as surprises, and I don't want to be left at the mercy of our insurance company should another surprise hit before I get up the guts to make the final decision to end our reproductive life permanently. I find that I can go without Zofran for a day, but the nausea just starts building and I have to go back on it after that.

Well, I'd better go get DS before he sleeps the whole day away! Love to all! Enjoy the holiday!

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  1. hmmmm, when did the baby become a she, did I miss something? :)

    We almost moved to Phoenix in 2001 (job relocation that did actually happen). I'm glad I'm not needing to kill scorpions or gophers.

    I'm not sure I could listen to a salesperson's spiel for that long. You have more patience than me.

    I hope you can cut down on the zofran!


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